Kenji Run - Wish of Lovers

You can buy the new LP ‘Unto the End’ on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, Beatport and Juno.

Kenji Run - Wish of Lovers

You can buy the EP ‘Wish of Lovers’ on Amazon, iTunes, Beatport


KENJI RUN is the nom de guerre for the retro-futurist musical output of Matthew Goodall-Brown. Conceived in 2010, Kenji Run is an eclectic and diverse clash of influences from a wide range of musical genres and draws inspiration from the classic film and TV output of the Eighties.

Most notable are influences from The Human League, Kraftwerk, Thomas Dolby, Devo, Kano and modern electronic artists such as College, Mitch Murder, Anoraak, The Outrunners, Volta Cab, Powerglove and many others, and, of course, the macho stylings of David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider.

The overall sound sets out to create retro-futurist robotic love songs that tell stories of heartbreak and loyalty and evoke the sound of a robotic party. Kenji Run is the sound of our past and future.

Matthew Goodall-Brown is a UK-based musician who has performed in a variety of musical outfits. As a solo artist, he performed under the stage name Clanky Robo Gob Jobs, headlining local shows and playing an absurdist mix of Gabba, Black Metal and Chiptunes to unsuspecting audiences around the country. He also frequently performs with Nerdcore rap act B-Type as primary beat master.

Matt believes that music should be fun and original and that the pretentiousness of modern music is to be abhorred and that music should not be elitist — above all, he likes to have fun with his sound and wants everyone to join in with him.

Collaborating with Matt on the visual and artistic direction of Kenji Run are Robin North and Sarah Ralphs, with the resulting entity now resembling more of an artistic collective and less of the musical side-project it started life as. However, the core principle remains – Kenji Run is about having fun, first and foremost!


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